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veg_pothead's Journal

Veg*n Potheads
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Veg*n Potheads
...for all the potheads who are veg*n and all the veg*ns who are potheads...

What's the purpose of the community? It's right above this. This is just a discussion forum, just like most communities.

What you CAN post:
- anything to do with veg*nism
- anything to do with pot
- anything to do with... both!

What you CAN'T post:
- anything against veg*nism
- anything against pot
- anything WAY off-topic
- anything racist, sexist, homophobic, or the like

Why can't we have a debate?
If you want to debate veg*nism, I'm sure there are communities for it, as with pro- and anti-mairjuana. But that is just plain NOT the purpose of this community. Most veg*n potheads are incredibly peaceful people that just plain want to live their life without being bothered nor without bothering fellow animals and the earth. If you can not accept this, tough. Go create your own community called anti_veg_pothead. Whatever. But any posts here against veg*nism and/or pot will be immediately deleted, so don't even bother.

But I must stress this: PLEASE do not go to other communities and bother them, as they will turn around and bother us. Say there's a community for straightedge vegans out there - don't go preaching to them about how pot aint so bad because they will just turn around and bother us. Remember, if you don't want to be bothered, don't bother other people.

Wait... so we can't go off-topic?
By all means, yes, you can go off-topic, just not WAY off-topic. Try to keep your posts within the realm of veg*nism or grass. So, if you lost twenty pounds after becoming veg*n, that might be off-topic, but would be perfectly acceptable. Now if you were to give a recap on the Jets-Packers game last night, then that's a little bit far astray.

Rgarding racist, sexist, homophobic, and etc. posts
I doubt I will ever have to use this rule. Most veg*ns and potheads I know, especially veg*n potheads, are, again, incredibly peaceful people that are very tolerant of other people. And sure, stuff can be said that's borderline sexist or the like, and I'm not going to come down hard on people that say something without any malintent.

Some suggestions for posting:
- vegan brownie recipes, or other pot + veg*n recipes
- how you're stoned and just ate the most delicious falafel of your life
- a cool veg*n cafe or restaurant you just went to
- how you just got a new piece and want to show it off
- ...basically ANYTHING that has to do with veg*nism and/or pot

A general warning:
Say you're 16 and live with your parents. If there is any chance that they will find this journal, DON'T USE YOUR NORMAL JOURNAL FOR THIS COMMUNITY! I would absolutely hate to see someone's parents search their room for their stash and piece(s) just because they belonged to a livejournal community. I mean hey, I'm almost 22 and live four hours from my parents but they still google my name once and a while, so even if you're not living with your parents, there are many reasons to be on the safe side. Keep in mind community posts get many more hits than your personal journal does, so if someone were to "google" your livejournal username and livejournal.com, any posts made here would be towards the top.

Wait... but I'm not from Ithaca, New York.
Trust me, if you are a veg*n pothead, you probably wish you were. Veg*ns have the Village in New York City and San Francisco. Potheads have Amsterdam and Vansterdam. Veg*n potheads have Ithaca. Not only do they have a very large amount of veg*n restaurants, even "normal" restaurants like sports bars have veg*n options. And you'd poop your pants when you see how many headshops they have. And such good quality, too! Being so close to Corning, they have incredible glass blowers who make pieces from $4 to $4,000. Maybe the cops aren't as lenient as they are in Vansterdam, but if you're smoking in an out of the way place (in other words, not right downtown), you most likely won't get in trouble at all. Trust me, if you ever go up there, go to The Commons and see for yourself.

Above all, enjoy, be happy, be healthy, and let peace rule all...