ahitsgabby (ahitsgabby) wrote in veg_pothead,

dream come true.

So I'm in a pothead community and several vegan communities, but I'm too afraid to post anything about weed in the vegan communities and anything about veganism in the weed community!

so wtffffff everyone?! REVIVE THIS GROUP!

I better get some comments... come on you know you want to...

My name is Gabby, I'm 18 (well I will be this thursday) and I've been vegan since January 2008 and I started smoking weed almost a year ago. The first time was at my 17th birthday party =DDD what a great birthday present!

If I get a comment on this and if this community starts being active, I'll be sure to post a recipe for amazing vegan special brownies sometime soon.... so come on... please I really want this group to live...
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